Massage factory in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Welcome to our massages in Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Check out our special massages! A fusion of Indian, Balinese and classic Swedish therapeutic massages, totally personalised with herbs and massage techniques, we speak one language, the language of your body!

We are a small massage factory. In the current situation, we consider it the best: we rent a separate flat for the massage activity. We can disinfect this well, we can constantly monitor the guest traffic – a maximum of one guest can come to us at a time! It is important that you feel as safe as possible with us. We are already vaccinated, but we are keeping an eye on you!

Muscle relaxing massage, with herbal oils (ayurveda)

I developed this massage specifically to relax the muscles. I use the techniques of classical Swedish massage, where deep tissue massage techniques are also required. All this with oil blended from Ayurvedic herbs. The main aim is to move the muscles of the thigh, buttocks and back. Tension in the thigh and buttock muscles is the cause of back pain in most cases. Loosening these is very important. Of course, during the 60 minutes massage, I massage your whole body. It is important to note that I spend more time on the problem areas. After completing the massage, you will also receive an Ayurvedic tea. The massage in cell regeneration; combat headaches; decrease stress; help you fall asleep; revitalise skin, muscles and nerves; drain the lymphatic system, eliminating toxins and improving immunity; stimulate serotonin to calm the mind and emotions.
*If you opt for the 80 minutes massage, bamboo is also used during the massage to help lymphatic circulation. In addition to lymphatic circulation, this also allows better access to deep tissue muscles.

Price: 60min/40eur – 80min/60eur. DISCOUNTS: 60min/29eur – 80min/39eur.

Royal Massage

This massage is specifically designed to relax tired muscles. I start by applying a herbal oil on the body and then use a muscle relaxing cream with natural ingredients during the kneading. Here the deep tissues are touched. The areas of particular importance during the massage are the muscles of the back, buttocks and thighs. These are essentially the muscles that hold the body together, and if there are blockages here, it leads to a lot of problems. Sometimes we take massage to a higher level with a massage gun or bamboo. It’s a holistic treatment, I don’t want to relieve the symptoms, I want to remove the causes. I spend a lot of time on the different parts of the body, so this massage lasts 80 minutes. It is a massage that restores your body’s natural flow of energy, so you will be able to heal yourself mentally, emotionally and physically. Of course, during the massage, pleasant meditative music and aromas fill the massage room – this massage should be done as a cure!

Price: 80min/60eur. DISCOUNTS: 80min/39eur.

Back and neck massage

This massage has been developed especially for those whose back and shoulders suffer a lot of pain due to stiff muscles. This can be due to a number of reasons such as bad posture, sedentary work… We start with a warming massage with herbal oils and creams. Usually the main causes of problems come from the buttocks or the supporting muscles next to the spine. We start by loosening them, which can sometimes be painful, as it involves working on the deep muscles. From there, we massage the back and then move on to the neck and shoulder area, which is also problematic for many. These muscles are also massaged deeply. Sometimes the upper arm is also massaged. A massage gun is also used during the treatment, if appropriate, to achieve better results. One session may not work wonders, but 3-4 sessions can make a big difference. After the treatment, you will also receive a delicious herbal tea.

Price: 40min/40eur. DISCOUNTS: 40min/29eur.

Foot Reflexology (with traditional Chinese technique and Indian Chakra treatment)

Completely personalised treatment. Its essence is to initiate the body’s self-healing processes with the help of unique reflexology knowledge. There is a reduced representation of our body in different parts of our soles. During the foot massage, under the influence of pressure, we activate a simple reflex in the body, which initiates self-healing processes. This type of foot massage is strong in some cases, as it is especially useful to stimulate certain points (individually), but in general the treatment is pleasant, relaxing. The treatment starts with a refreshing foot bath, followed by a pleasant foot massage. Changes can be felt after the first time, but it is worth mentioning that this kind of treatment is worth applying as a cure. During the massage work with traditional Chinese technique, at the end of the massage 10 minutes of Indian chakra treatment is the end. After completing the massage, you will also receive a herbal tea.

Price: 50min/40eur. DISCOUNTS: 50min/25eur.

reflexologia podal Santa Cruz Tenerife

Trigger point therapy (Myofascial therapy: Trigger points)

Trigger points are tension nodes in the muscle tissue of the human body that we usually do not even know exist. To dissolve the trigger point, the given muscle must be prepared, the myofascial area must be thoroughly reworked using known techniques. Trigger points can be released by mechanical pressure. For this, the therapist mainly uses his thumb, me too. Achieving this point requires a slow and gradual vertical effort, followed by a tissue-by-tissue relaxation. The pressure on one point at a time can last 60 to 90 seconds. At the trigger point site, tension in the muscle nodule inhibits blood flow, which impairs the metabolism of the area, further increasing tension. The vicious cycle of increased pain can be interrupted with proper trigger point therapy. During the warm-up massage, I often use rosemary oil or cream. It is important to mention that mild muscle soreness is possible for 24 to 48 hours after the first treatment (as there are muscle spasms after a workout). Sustained positive change requires at least 4-5 times.

Price: 60min/55eur. DISCOUNTS: 60min/39eur.

La terapia de punto gatillo en Santa Cruz de Tenerife

Girl Power – Bamboo massage with mint and rosemary oils

Girls, this massage is made for you! We got to know this special massage technique in Indonesia. After a short warm-up massage, the bamboo is brought out to work on the whole body. Why is it good for? With the help of the bamboo, you can treat the muscles deeply and of course break down the fat cells – this is a strong but very effective massage! Our guests often leave the bed like a new person. The choice of massage oil is also very important in this case, as rosemary and mint help to refresh the muscles. At the end of the treatment, we will also prepare a nice tea for you.

Price: 60min/45eur. DISCOUNTS: 60min/35eur.

Massage for Children (From seven years old)

They grow, develop and move a lot! Children’s muscles need a good massage. Think how difficult it is for muscles to adapt to rapid growth. Don’t be afraid, this type of massage consists mainly of gentle strokes! Naturally, muscle knots and adhesions are loosened. It is highly recommended that children who play sports relax their muscles. Bring your child for a fun massage with Victoria or Zsolt.

Price: 60min/35eur. DISCOUNTS: 60min/29eur.

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